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Brian Browne, PsyD, MS, CSA




Brian Browne, PsyD, MS, CSA, is the president of Cognitive Care Management and the Editor in Chief of Dementia Care News and possesses over 20 years of expertise in the field of Alzheimer’s and dementia. He is an expert in Alzheimer’s/dementia research, clinical trials, aging, cultural competency, and cognitive Health.

Dr. Browne is a noted public speaker and frequent lecturer at meetings and conferences regionally and nationally. Dr. Browne has been featured by many media outlets and produces regular content for various Alzheimer’s publications. His research interests include examining the role of modifiable systemic risk factors and lifestyle intervention to prevent cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia as well as caregiver education.

Dr. Browne’s previous academic appointments included Midwestern University and he currently consults for a number public and private entities in various capacities including the Cleveland Clinic, Biogen, and many more. Dr. Browne has the pleasure of serving on the leadership council of the Alzheimer’s Association and also serves on the boards of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, AZ-TW Society of Technology and the Southwest Association for Education in Biomedical Research.

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