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THVMG Advanced Wound care

Advanced Wound Care

Complex Wounds which are difficult-to-heal, result from different factors, including, disruption from tissue loss, comorbid disease states, and inadequate blood flow. These wound types require wound care specialists to incorporate an extra component into their management, such as wound biologics (or skin substitutes). 


What are Skin Substitutes?

Skin substitutes are artificial or biological materials that provide coverage to exposed complex skin wounds. With time, these materials can restore skin functionalities to the affected wound patient.


Benefits of Skin Substitutes

Skin substitutes accelerate wound healing and minimize infections, complications, and wound dehydration.

Skin substitutes are ideal for non-healing or difficult-to-heal wounds, including vascular insufficiency or venous ulcers, diabetic neuropathic ulcers, and pressure ulcers. There is a  increased likelihood of infection, amputation and even mortality rate. Other benefits of skin substitutes include:

What are the Indications for Skin Substitutes?

THVMG Physicians are more likely to consider skin substitutes for patients with superficial, partial, and deep arterial/vascular/diabetic wounds. Moreover, chronic and non-healing wound patients and skin graft donors are ideal candidates for skin substitutes.

Other indications for incorporating skin substitutes into wound healing include:


Call The Wound Care Experts: Dr. Parth Dixit and Dr. Nathaniel Alabi at Texas Heart Vein Multispecialty Group:  1-281-888-0809. 1900 North Loop West, Houston Texas

Dr. Dixit Black Scrubs Dr. Parth Dixit Parth Dixit, DPM, is a qualified Associate of the American College of Foot Ankle Surgeons and works as a podiatrist performing all aspects of foot and ankle surgery with a strong emphasis on hindfoot and ankle reconstruction. Dr. Dixit's interest and niche are on Charcot's foot. He provides a wide range of podiatry services to patients at Texas Heart and Vein Multispecialty Group in Greater Heights, Houston. Dr. Dixit attended Rutgers University as an undergrad and double majored in economics and philosophy. He then earned his medical degree at Western University in Southern California. Afterward, Dr. Dixit completed his surgical training in New York City and Miami, Florida. Dr. Dixit stays updated on the latest surgical techniques and innovations and has training in total ankle replacement. His professional interests include Charcot foot reconstruction via internal and external fixation. Dr. Dixit's hobbies include skiing, stand-up comedy, the Lakers, and jazz music.

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